Don’t let social distancing bring you down

Catch up with your team, feel all warm and fuzzy inside over Tapioca.


Tapioca is an open-source slack bot, made with love by Yuca, which sets up weekly 15 minute chats for random groups of 3-4 teammates and gives you a fun, non-work-related topic to discuss.

Get to know your team

Develop stronger bonds with your colleagues beyond the typical watercooler chat

Stay in touch even in times of distance

Catching up or chatting about a random topic can be a relief

Open up to serendipity

Great ideas come to us when we let our minds wander. (That’s how Tapioca was born)

Do your part to #stayhome

We developed Tapioca as a fun, light-hearted way to help people #stayhome and stay sane

How it works

Tapioca creates its own channel in your company’s Slack

To be eligible for a Tapioca, all a user needs to do is join the Tapioca channel

Teammates are randomly grouped together for a chat

The tapioca bot groups your teammates together for a quick chat

Chat with your teammates once a week

Every Thursday, Tapioca will group teammates and invite them to chat.

Start today (you’re up and running in 5 minutes)

Install the app in your organization’s Slack and let Tapioca do the work for you.

Tapioca is an open source tool!

You can access our documentation at GitHub

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

Made with love by Yuca’s team