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São Paulo, SP

O valor total tem incluso: IPTU, Condomínio e serviços adicionais

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Minimum 20m²

Maximum 400m²

Applies to shared apartments only (coliving)
Applies to shared apartments only (coliving)

Hello, we are Yuca!

Yuca is a startup of housing as a service. Our mission is to revolutionize the lives of those who live in the city and, for that, we offer easy-to-live-in apartments. You don't have to worry about anything: Yuca takes care of everything.

Created in 2019 with the objective of combating the lack of opportunities and limitations imposed by the cities, Yuca started offering colvings in central São Paulo neighborhoods, with an uncomplicated experience from booking to serving residents.

Since then, we have delivered hundreds of apartments with services included to share or live alone, so that more people can live wherever they want, with adequate infrastructure and the best cost-benefit ratio.

As a reflection of our maturity and in line with our mission, we expanded our operations to also manage entire buildings, in addition to launching our residential investment front for income - Yuca Invest.

Today, Yuca is the reference proptech in uncomplicated housing solutions, delivering ease to residents, investors and owners.

Open the door to the new: living the city is amazing.