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São Paulo, SP

O valor total tem incluso: IPTU, Condomínio e serviços adicionais

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Minimum 20m²

Maximum 400m²

Applies to shared apartments only (coliving)
Applies to shared apartments only (coliving)
Apartment unavailable

Property managed by Gestor Profissional Parceiro.

ID: Bandeira Paulicéia Pop V




1 room



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Enjoy all of our facilities for living in a space with all included!

Água, Energia e Gás

Água, Energia e Gás



Boleto Único

Boleto Único







Itens of the apartment

Quarto A

No items included


No items included


No items included


No items included

Condominium amenities


Elevador Social

Lavanderia no Prédio



Portaria 24h

Access for people with disabilities

Bike rack

Apartment unavailable

What's nearby

Rua Santo Amaro, Bela Vista, São Paulo - SP
Restaurant & Bars

Espaço Cultural Latino Americano • 641m

Empada Brasil - Shopping Light • 635m


Máxima Beleza - Loja de produtos de beleza Atacado e Varejo • 775m

Belezuraup-e-reiqb • 988m


Sauna Masculina Studio L • 1437m

Essencial Fisio • 1003m


Estação Anhangabaú • 606m

Japão - Liberdade • 882m

About the neighborhood

Morar na Bela Vista é estar, literalmente, no meio da cidade. O bairro é cercado pela Avenida Paulista e pelas avenidas 23 de Maio e 9 de Julho e é atendido pelas linhas Azul e Verde do metrô. Por causa da localização estratégica, o que não falta são opções de lazer – de parques shoppings como o Frei Caneca e o Pátio Paulista, até os museus Masp e Japan House e os teatros Sérgio Cardoso e Bibi Ferreira, além dos tradicionais restaurantes do Bixiga. A região também está próxima de hospitais renomados, como o Sírio Libanês, o Oswaldo Cruz e a Beneficência Portuguesa. Já na área de educação, fica ali a Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV).

How it works?


Choose your Yuca

Search our website and when you find your dream apartment, just click on the "I'm interested" button.



For some apartments, a reservation fee of R$250.00 is required at the end of the lease registration. If this is your case, don't worry: the amount is deducted from your first monthly fee.



After paying the reservation fee, you can send your documentation for analysis through our website.



With the documentation approved, the last step is to sign your contract.

Done! Now it's time to move into your new home!

frequently asked questions

What is Yuca?

We are a technology company specializing in uncomplicated housing solutions. We do this by offering ready-to-move apartment rentals, whether they are private rooms in colivings, studios or individual properties.

In addition to being furnished and equipped with household items, our apartments have a simplified payment: a fixed amount including rent, condominium, IPTU, water, gas, electricity and internet.

And even after the move, we continue to support our residents, who can request extra services and ask all kinds of questions with our team via the app.

Just bring your suitcase, everything is ready for you!

How does the contract work?

We know that life is unpredictable and it may not make sense to commit to many months of rent on the same house. Therefore, Yuca has a flexible contract, with the possibility of leaving without a fine after 3 months, if necessary. You can choose this period when closing the contract, in the unit page which you want to live in.

The best part is that this entire process is 100% digital: you receive the contract and sign it without having to leave your home. Simple and hassle free!

Another facility is that, if you wish, after 3 months, you can move to any other Yuca apartment within the same contract period. Just let us know at least 1 month in advance so we can check availability and you can make the change.

What do I need to live in a Yuca apartment?

Our process is very simple and without bureaucracy:

  1. Choose your Yuca: Search our website and choose your apartment, studio or single room (coliving). If you need to, contact our consultants for questions and support during the process. Once you choose which unit you want to live in, just click on the "I'm interested" button.
  2. Reservation fee: Once the lease process has started, in some apartments, a reservation fee of R$250.00 is required at the end of the lease registration. If this is your case, don't worry: the amount is deducted from your first monthly fee.
  3. Documentation: After paying the reservation fee, you have up to 2 days to submit your documentation for review through our website.
  4. Contract: Once the documentation is approved, you have up to 2 days, counting from the date of receipt, to sign the contract.

Done! Now just move into your new home.