Contracts for up to 2 months

O valor total tem incluso: IPTU, Condomínio e serviços adicionais

Minimum price

Maximum price

Minimum 20m²

Maximum 400m²

Applies to shared apartments only (coliving)
Applies to shared apartments only (coliving)
Área comum
Área comum
Apartment unavailable

Property managed by Yuca.




1 room

Without furniture


Not allowed


No spots available


Not allowed

Safety net

No safety net

Itens of the apartment

Quarto A

No items included

Banheiro A

No items included

Condominium amenities



Lavanderia no Prédio


Pet Place

Access for people with disabilities

Bike rack

Social Elevator

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Apartment unavailable

What's nearby

Rua Barata Ribeiro, Bela Vista, São Paulo - SP
Restaurant & Bars

Starbucks • 424m

Tribus Club • 565m


Shopping Das Artes - 40 Lojas • 1051m

Anna Sophie • 1141m


Core Pedro Costa • 683m

Vert Studio Pilates/ Aula de Pilates/ Av. Paulista • 1027m


Higienópolis - Mackenzie • 969m

Trianon - Masp • 1233m

About the neighborhood

Morar na Bela Vista é estar, literalmente, no meio da cidade. O bairro é cercado pela Avenida Paulista e pelas avenidas 23 de Maio e 9 de Julho e é atendido pelas linhas Azul e Verde do metrô. Por causa da localização estratégica, o que não falta são opções de lazer – de parques shoppings como o Frei Caneca e o Pátio Paulista, até os museus Masp e Japan House e os teatros Sérgio Cardoso e Bibi Ferreira, além dos tradicionais restaurantes do Bixiga. A região também está próxima de hospitais renomados, como o Sírio Libanês, o Oswaldo Cruz e a Beneficência Portuguesa. Já na área de educação, fica ali a Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV).

How it works?


Choose your Yuca

Search our website and when you find your dream apartment, just click on the "I'm interested" button.



Our real estate consultants will reach out to you to address all your questions and continue with your rental process.

Quick tip: Some apartments offer an exclusivity fee to ensure no one else rents before you. Pay R$250.00 upon reservation, and after signing the contract, this amount is deducted from your first rent!



Submit your documents for review directly through the Yuca website, making it simple, practical, and secure. If you've paid the exclusivity fee, the chosen property will be reserved for you for 2 days!



With approved documentation, the final step is to sign the lease contract. Don't stress—complete everything online, without bureaucracy or paperwork.

There you go! Now, pack your bags and get ready for your move-in.

frequently asked questions

What is Yuca?

Specialized in hassle-free living and ready-to-move-in apartments, Yuca is a technology company that has streamlined the apartment rental process, crafting a lifestyle that blends convenience, comfort, and flexibility.

Our seamless 100% online leasing process eliminates the need for a guarantor. You can also enjoy the flexibility to tailor the duration of your contract to your needs and to move in a matter of days.

Explore our website to discover the most extensive collection of professionally managed residential properties. Meticulously curated for excellence, our units are consistently either brand new or recently renovated, and they come with all utilities already set up – water, gas, electricity, and in some cases, even wi-fi internet.

Residents enjoy the simplicity of paying all monthly bills along with rent in a single, user-friendly invoice. Those craving extra convenience can choose additional services and effortlessly request support and maintenance via our app.

So whether you're unpacking a suitcase or a moving truck, just bring your belongings and start your new way of living with Yuca.

How does the contract work?

We know life is unpredictable, and committing to an extended lease in the same apartment might not always make sense. That's why Yuca has flipped the script with flexible contracts starting from just one month.

For leases exceeding 12 months of minimum stay, our contracts have a duration of 30 months in accordance with Brazilian Tenancy Law. However, you are the one who decides for how many months you want to commit to your apartment – and you have the flexibility to choose a shorter minimum, like 18 or 24 months, for instance. After the selected period you can terminate the contract without any penalties.

Keep an eye out: prices are often more budget-friendly for longer durations. Compare the rates and pick the ideal timeframe for your current life chapter on the apartment unit page.

The entire leasing process is 100% digital: submit your documents through Yuca's website and seal the deal by digitally signing the contract on your computer or smartphone. It's sleek, it's secure, and best of all, it's bureaucracy-free!

What do I need to live in a Yuca apartment?

Our process is very simple and without bureaucracy:

  1. Choose your Yuca: Search our website and choose your apartment, studio or single room (coliving). If you need to, contact our consultants for questions and support during the process. Once you choose which unit you want to live in, just click on the "I'm interested" button.
  2. Reservation fee: Once the lease process has started, in some apartments, a reservation fee of R$250.00 is required at the end of the lease registration. If this is your case, don't worry: the amount is deducted from your first monthly fee.
  3. Documentation: After paying the reservation fee, you have up to 2 days to submit your documentation for review through our website.
  4. Contract: Once the documentation is approved, you have up to 2 days, counting from the date of receipt, to sign the contract.

Done! Now just move into your new home.